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1. Bigfoot Trail: This 400-mile trail traverses the forest, offering hikers a chance to explore remote areas of Trinity National Forest and witness diverse ecosystems.

2. Canyon Creek Lakes Trails: A popular hiking route that spans around 16 miles round trip with stunning views of waterfalls, alpine lakes, and towering granite cliffs along the way.

3. Four Lakes Loop: An approximately 20-mile loop featuring four beautiful high-alpine lakes - Deer Lake, Summit Lake, Diamond Lake & Luella lake; known for its challenging terrain but rewarding vistas.

4. Granite Peak Trail: About an eight mile out-and-back trail leading up to one of the highest peaks in Trinity Alps Wilderness area providing panoramic views from atop at over six thousand feet elevation level.

5. Swift Creek Trailhead To Horseshoe And Ward Lakes Route: Approximately nine miles long moderate difficulty hike through lush meadows filled with wildflowers during spring season ending into serene mountainous landscapes surrounding two pristine glacially carved lakes.

6. Stuart Fork To Emerald And Sapphire Lakes Pathway: Roughly eighteen miles moderately trafficked backcountry trekking path passing by multiple cascading falls before reaching emerald green colored twin glacier-fed Alpine sapphire-like bodies surrounded by snow-capped mountains making it worth every step taken uphill on this strenuous journey.

7. Caribou Scramble Via Caribou Basin Tail-heads: Around fourteen-miles adventurous scramble climbing steep rocky terrains crossing several streams finally opening up onto spectacular view points overlooking entire basin below dotted with numerous small ponds amidst dense conifer forests.

8. Boulder:Creek-Lakes-Trail: It's about fifteen mile heavily-trafficked pathway starting off gently then gradually becoming steeper as you approach towards Boulder creek valley where five crystal clear blue-greenish tinted waters await your arrival nestled between rugged peaky ridges.

9. Grizzly Falls via Grizzly Meadows Trail: A challenging 14-mile round trip trail that takes hikers through lush meadows, along a roaring river and past the stunning Grizzly Falls.

10. Bear Basin Lookout And Pierson Cabin Trails: Approximately ten miles long lightly trafficked loop type route offering variety of terrains from dense forested areas to open grassy fields with panoramic views over Trinity Alps Wilderness area.

11. Yolla Bolly:Middle Eel Wilderness Loop: This is an approximately twenty-five mile multi-day backpacking circuit passing by several creeks, waterfalls & alpine lakes providing solitude for those seeking off-beaten path in this remote wilderness region.

12. Trinity Divide via Pacific Crest Trail (PCT): An iconic section of PCT running across scenic landscapes within Trinity National Forest featuring diverse flora-fauna making it perfect choice for nature enthusiasts.
Lakes, Rivers and Streams on your Forest provide excellent opportunities for every type of angling enthusiast. Fishing opportunities are numerous and await anyone willing to make an effort to seek them out.